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Drive Appeal near Minneapolis 55111 Auto Financing Process

Trying to finance your new car purchase can be an intimidating ordeal, but it doesn’t have to be! We’ll help you through the entire auto financing process from Drive Appeal near Minneapolis 55111 to make sure that you get set up with a loan you can manage and a car that you love! Visit us today!

Our experts in the Finance Department are here to help you get through the process and make sure you get a financial plan that is affordable and hassle-free. You don’t want a situation where you get blindsided by changing interest rates or balloon payments, so that’s why our employees can explain the financial agreement without all of the confusing jargon. No matter if you have good credit or bad credit, we can work out a financial plan for you!

There are a few different aspects to consider about the auto financing process at Drive Appeal near Minneapolis 55111. One of the most important variables when determining your financial plans is your down payment. If you pay more up front, that means you’ll have lower monthly payments, and you could also reduce the term of your loan. The length of the loan is another variable, a 60-month loan will have much higher monthly payments than a 72-month plan, however, you’ll end up paying less over the life of the loan. These are all important things to consider when planning for an auto loan, and our financial specialists can help talk you through the best strategy for you and your family.

There are a number of things you can do to help plan out your financial picture without even having to leave the comfort of your own home! Use the Payment Calculator tool to plan out your budget based on a set interest rate and down payment. It will let you see your buying power to set your purchasing limit, or compute potential monthly payments based on how much you’re willing to spend. If you’re trading in your current vehicle, then the Value Trade-In tool will be extremely helpful. Simply enter in some basic information about your vehicle, and you’ll be able to see what it’s worth to help lower your costs.

The auto financing process at Drive Appeal near Minneapolis 55111 is a vital part of purchasing a new or used vehicle. With our help, you’ll be able to get the car you’ve been dreaming about at a price that you can live with. Visit us today!

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Anoka Sales

Joe Hall
Store Manager- Anoka

Bloomington Sales

Finance Manager- Bloomington Rebekah (Becky) Spinler
Rebekah (Becky) Spinler
Finance Manager- Bloomington
Phone: 763-233-0443 Cat Lover and World Traveler. I work hard so my cats can have a nice life. =^..^=
Sales- Bloomington Michael (Mike) Arnold
Michael (Mike) Arnold
Sales- Bloomington
Phone: 952-923-1046 Dog Lover. Car Enthusiast. Love my Family.

Eden Prairie (Indoor Showroom)

Store Manager- Eden Prairie Kim Berbaum
Kim Berbaum
Store Manager- Eden Prairie
Phone: 952-943-0745 Please visit our indoor showroom where it's 75 degrees year round.
Sales- Eden Prairie Dan Sinner
Dan Sinner
Sales- Eden Prairie
Phone: 952-943-0745 Please visit our indoor showroom where it's 75 degrees year round.

New Hope Sales

Store Manager- New Hope Adam Delacy
Adam Delacy
Store Manager- New Hope
Phone: 763-533-7777
Sales- New Hope Ish Soumah
Ish Soumah
Sales- New Hope
Phone: 763-533-7777

Shakopee Sales

Store Manager- Shakopee Joe Heim
Joe Heim
Store Manager- Shakopee
Phone: 952-403-9999 I enjoy family time with the kids when I'm not working or training with Chuck Norris.
Sales- Shakopee Tom Miles
Tom Miles
Sales- Shakopee
Phone: 952-403-9999 I have been in the car business for 46 years (If you do the math, I started when I was 5). My favorite times are spent with my 10 grandkids!
Tom Flood
Troy Volk
Finance Manager- Shakopee

New Hope Headquarters

General Manager- New Hope Jeremy Luffey
Jeremy Luffey
General Manager- New Hope
Phone: 763-233-0449 Iron Merchant is the name. Buying and selling cars is the game.
Dealer Principal- New Hope John Prosser
John Prosser
Dealer Principal- New Hope
Phone: 763-233-0465 Love boating, skiing, traveling, family time, and having fun.
Inventory Buyer- New Hope Ari Rad
Ari Rad
Inventory Buyer- New Hope