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Drive Appeal is your Used Car Dealer Near Minneapolis 55111

Buying the wrong used car can mean some big problems down the road. You can't always tell what kinds of substandard aftermarket parts are used and you don't know what kind of structural damage might be just below the surface. Instead of worrying about your used car purchase come down to the worry free used car dealership at Drive Appeal near Minneapolis 55111. We'll take all the hassle out of buying a used car and leave you with the pure joy of driving off the lot in the car you want that's safe and secure.

A lot of other used car dealerships use aftermarket parts that aren't up to manufacturers high standards and could actually do more harm to your vehicle then good. At the Drive Appeal used car dealership we make sure every vehicle we sell has only the best parts that are quality and safety tested so you know you aren't getting something that's going to need some work a few miles later.

The Drive Appeal near Minneapolis used car dealership will make sure you know everything about the used car you're looking to buy. Did you know that an incorrectly replaced windshield can cut your cars structural integrity in a crash by 40%? We'll make sure you know exactly what happened with your car before you buy it so you don't have any unwanted surprises at the least convenient times.

One of the best used car dealerships near Minneapolis 55111 is always coming up with great sales events and special offers on used cars to make buying a used car at Drive Appeal easy as pie. We're always coming up with great new special deals just for you so keep an eye on our website for the latest new sales that just might be the little extra kick you need to test drive the used car of your choice.

Buying from a used car dealership doesn't have to be a long and stressful time. We're the no hassle used car dealership that will save you loads of time as well as money. Click on our Schedule A Test Drive, link and get the ball rolling today. Come in and test drive the car you've been looking at. We aren't going to try and sell you something you don't want or need like some of those other dealers. No hassle means we take away from your stress, not add to it.

Our used car dealership has a friendly staff that is ready and willing to answer any and all questions you might have. They're knowledgeable about all the newest brands and they can tell you whatever you need to know to find the best car for your lifestyle. We know what will give you best mileage on a long commute or the one that won't spin out on an icy road easily. We know these cars forward and reverse and we bring all that knowledge to you when you come by the Drive Appeal near Minneapolis 55111 used car dealership.

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  • 7701 42nd Ave. No.
  • New Hope, MN 55427
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  • 1107 1st Ave. E
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Anoka Sales

Joe Hall
Store Manager- Anoka

Bloomington Sales

Finance Manager- Bloomington Rebekah (Becky) Spinler
Rebekah (Becky) Spinler
Finance Manager- Bloomington
Phone: 763-233-0443 Cat Lover and World Traveler. I work hard so my cats can have a nice life. =^..^=
Sales- Bloomington Michael (Mike) Arnold
Michael (Mike) Arnold
Sales- Bloomington
Phone: 952-923-1046 Dog Lover. Car Enthusiast. Love my Family.

Eden Prairie (Indoor Showroom)

Store Manager- Eden Prairie Kim Berbaum
Kim Berbaum
Store Manager- Eden Prairie
Phone: 952-943-0745 Please visit our indoor showroom where it's 75 degrees year round.
Sales- Eden Prairie Dan Sinner
Dan Sinner
Sales- Eden Prairie
Phone: 952-943-0745 Please visit our indoor showroom where it's 75 degrees year round.

New Hope Sales

Store Manager- New Hope Adam Delacy
Adam Delacy
Store Manager- New Hope
Phone: 763-533-7777
Sales- New Hope Ish Soumah
Ish Soumah
Sales- New Hope
Phone: 763-533-7777

Shakopee Sales

Store Manager- Shakopee Joe Heim
Joe Heim
Store Manager- Shakopee
Phone: 952-403-9999 I enjoy family time with the kids when I'm not working or training with Chuck Norris.
Sales- Shakopee Tom Miles
Tom Miles
Sales- Shakopee
Phone: 952-403-9999 I have been in the car business for 46 years (If you do the math, I started when I was 5). My favorite times are spent with my 10 grandkids!
Tom Flood
Troy Volk
Finance Manager- Shakopee

New Hope Headquarters

General Manager- New Hope Jeremy Luffey
Jeremy Luffey
General Manager- New Hope
Phone: 763-233-0449 Iron Merchant is the name. Buying and selling cars is the game.
Dealer Principal- New Hope John Prosser
John Prosser
Dealer Principal- New Hope
Phone: 763-233-0465 Love boating, skiing, traveling, family time, and having fun.
Inventory Buyer- New Hope Ari Rad
Ari Rad
Inventory Buyer- New Hope